Sail safely through economic and business reefs

Suffren-Consulting, located in Saint-Cannat, France, homeland of the legendary Bailli de Suffren, the best french admiral of all times that sailed from Americas to Asia facing danger and collectionning victories, regroups a team of senior experts and specialists in various complementary fields.

Whether you are a region, a city, an island,

                                        A large group or a small size company.

We can be your helmsman, your pilot, boost the strategic thinkings

                                       We can analyse existing situations

We can challenge your ideas and forecasts,

                                        Value know-how and develop needed protections

All together our team cumulates over hundred years of experience in international affairs through all regions of the world:

                                         Europe, North and South Americas, North and West Africa, Middle East and Turkey, India, South East and North Asia.

We are extremely flexible and dedicated, speaking several languages

We have long term experience in dealing with state organizations, public authorities, private firms, high level education institutions

We have supporting offices and ressources in Asia, Turkey and Africa

Suffren-Consulting is a division of Suffren-International a french registered organization